Changes, changes…

As time is passing on, our first M.Sc. and B.Sc. students have already finished. Thanks for joining us, Thea and Leonie! It was a pleasure hosting you.

In the meantime, Julia Melke has also started (and is about to finish) her B.Sc. thesis.

And we have students joining us over the summer, too, for internships. 🙂

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First internship in our lab

Thea, our first intern has already finished her interhsip a little while ago. We are happy to hear that she decided to join our team as an M.Sc. student next year :)! Looking forward to welcoming you again!

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Kaushik has just started

Last week, Kaushik has started his PhD thesis in our lab. Welcome Kaushik, we are really happy to finally have you here! As a perfect welcome, he got to join in our first CRAC experiment :D.

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New funding & a new job offer!

Success!!!  We are excited, elated, more than happy to let you know that the collaborative research centre (SFB) RMaP - RNA modification and processing that we are part of is being FUNDED!!! 🙂

This also means that we can recruit one more PhD student to the lab - see Jobs. Funding is available from 1st of July 2021, so please apply ASAP!

Here are also 2 press releases about our and other funded collaborative research centres.

Lab slowly getting more functional

As more and more machines are arriving, we are getting closer to being a functioning lab. We are getting ready to receive a big box full of strains from my Edinburgh postdoc and getting more and more excited to soon be doing research again 🙂

Also, there's news on the recruitment side. We have been in conversation with a promising candidate interested in doing a PhD in Winz lab, and he has accepted our offer. Looking forward 😀 to working with him, starting February (?) 2021! We will post more information once this is official... Stay tuned!

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