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T. ButtoS. PastoreM. MüllerK.V. IyerS. MündnichA. WierczeikoK. FriedlandM. Helm, M.L. WinzS. Gerber. Real-time transcriptomic profiling in distinct experimental conditions.

T.W. Turowski, E. Petfalski, M.L. Winz, D. Tollervey. Transcription termination by RNA polymerase I. 2023, BioRXiv, doi:

K.V. Iyer*, M. Müller*, L.S. Tittel*, M.L. Winz. Molecular Highway Patrol for Ribosome Collisions. 2023, ChemBioChem, 24(20):e202300264. * contributed equally
Link, Cover Feature, part of the ChemBioTalents edition 2022/2023.

L. Bessler, N. Kaur, L.M. Vogt, L. Flemmich, C. Siebenaller, M.L. Winz, F. Tuorto, R. Micura, A.E. Ehrenhofer-Murray, M. Helm. Functional integration of a semi-synthetic azido-queuosine derivative into translation and a tRNA modification circuit. 2022, Nucleic Acids Research, 50(18):10785-10800.

M.L. Winz. Trendbericht Biochemie: Translations‐Qualitätskontrolle. 2021, Nachrichten aus der Chemie, 69(7-8):51-53. (in German)

M.L. Winz, L. Peil, T.W. Turowski, J. Rappsilber, D. Tollervey. Molecular interactions between Hel2 and RNA supporting ribosome-associated quality control. 2019, Nature Communications, 10(1), 563.
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M.L. Winz, E.C. Linder, J. Becker, A. Jäschke. Site-specific one-pot triple click labeling for DNA and RNA. 2018, Chemical Communications, 54, 11781-84.

M.L. Winz, H. Cahová, G. Nübel, J. Frindert, K. Höfer, A. Jäschke. Capture and sequencing of NAD-capped RNA sequences with NAD captureSeq. 2017, Nature Protocols, 12 (1), 122-149.

Cahová*, M.L. Winz*, K. Höfer*, G. Nübel, A. Jäschke. NAD captureSeq indicates NAD as a bacterial cap for a subset of regulatory RNAs. 2015, Nature, 519:374- 377.
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M.L. Winz, E.C. Linder, T. André, J. Becker, A. Jäschke. Nucleotidyl transferase assisted DNA labeling with different click chemistries, 2015, Nucleic Acids Research, 43(17):e110.

Hauenschild, L. Tserovski, K. Schmid, K. Thüring, M.L. Winz, S. Sharma, K.-D. Entian, L. Wacheul, D.L.J. Lafontaine, J. Anderson, J. Alfonzo, A. Hildebrandt, A. Jäschke, Y. Motorin, M. Helm. The reverse transcription signature of N-1-methyladenosine in RNA-Seq is sequence dependent. 2015, Nucleic Acids Research, 43(20):9950-9964.

Ameta*, M.L. Winz*, C. Previti, A. Jäschke. Next-generation sequencing reveals how RNA catalysts evolve from random space. 2014, Nucleic Acids Research, 42(2):1303-10.
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M.L. Winz, A. Samanta, D. Benzinger, A. Jäschke, Site-specific terminal and internal labeling of RNA by poly(A) polymerase tailing and copper-catalyzed or copper-free strain-promoted click chemistry. 2012, Nucleic Acids Research, 40(10):e78.

Wörz, M.L. Winz, and K. Rohr, Geometric Alignment of 2D Gel Electrophoresis Images. 2009, Methods of Information in Medicine, 48(4):320-23.